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Senior exhibition of a fictional paper company
The Paper Bar
Senior Exhibition
For my senior exhibition, I chose to explore both branding and marketing through typographic expression. This was an exciting challenge to remain typographically focused in an image dominant market place. So much of what we see today is photography based, animated or illustrative. But, I believe there is beauty in typography. Well designed typography is both appealing and informative. Typography conveys more than just letters and punctuation, it matches form with content.

Inspired by graphic designer Ed National and retro graphical elements, The Paper Bar incorporates playful design while remaining professional. Clean lines, punchy colors and patterns give The Paper Bar a modern flair fit to stand among the toughest competition.

Introducing its latest addition, the Macula Series, this product launch was created to familiarize consumers with a new recycled paper series offered by The Paper Bar. By taking what designers find most appealing about paper, The Paper Bar’s promotional materials focus on these elements. By also offering giveaways to the product launch attendees, The Paper Bar ensures that their company will be on the mind of their consumers long after the night of the launch.

Why a recycled paper series?
Becoming eco-friendly in today’s day and age is no longer something that we second guess. Whether it is through your own personal lifestyle or through business practices, going green is seen as the right choice. By offering a completely recycled paper series, The Paper Bar is now among the top competitors in the paper market.
Overview of entire show