• The Nomad's Tale 
    A Project for the Nomadic Village 2012 in Wolsingham, England 

  • Moving from onecountry to the next, from one town to another, from constant exhilaratingjourneys on foot to dismal travels on endless roads; the nomad - masterstorytellers in their own right, inadvertently recording tales of curious meetingswith foreign denizens, encounters that have shaped their lives and situationsin alien regions which have created a huge adjustment to their spirits; butwhat if we could completely immerse ourselves in these tales? What if we couldsee these tales directly from the mind of the story-teller?

    The Nomad's Tale is about portraying and recreating conceptual image representations of the emotions and experiences gathered while traversing the surrounding areas of Wolsingham, England and within the Nomadic Village.
  • The Exiled Ones, Photo-manipulation, wood box, light bulb, 25x25cm, 2012
  • The Final Day of Warmth, Photo-manipulation, wood box, light bulb, 25x25cm, 2012
  • The Wreathed Nomad, Photo-manipulation, wood box, light bulb, 25x25cm, 2012
  • The Nomad's Tale Exhibition at the Nomadic Village 
  • The Rimini Caravan - my temporary residence, workplace and my own exhibition space during the Nomadic Village 2012.
  • The Nomad's Tale Exhibition
  • What is the Nomadic Village?

    The Nomadic Village is a temporary 10-day settlement set up on a vacant lot in County Durham, UK. The nomadic artists’ mobile homes/ateliers will form the structure of the Village, with On The Road Productions’ (ORP) Steyr-Ikarus bus acting as its townhall. Artists will come together to work in this autonomous environment to stimulate creativity and exchange, and attract local people to observe and participate in the process. At the end of the Village there will be a public exhibition/show that will invite a woder audience to appreciate the works produced during the Village. The project is run by Klaus Maehring (Lead Artist and founder) from ORP/Austria.

    The Nomadic Village UK 2012 is produced in collaboration with ISIS Arts (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) and supported by Durham County Arts Team. It will seek to invite nomadic artists from all over the world, whose practice is rooted in themes surrounding nomadism; those who intentionally displace themselves to seek encounters that not only influence their work but form it; artists who work without borders and constantly respond to situations, places and people along their journey. The Nomadic Village will act as a platform for artists working in this manner, ultimately creating a wider, more visible network for nomadic artists.