The Next Chair - MK III

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  • Concept : Shane Talbot
    Design : Shane Talbot, Kieran Choy, Nicholas Kelly
    Built : EDA Point of Sale Solutions.
    Photography : Shane Talbot

    Exhibited : Edge, Australian International Furniture Fair, 2012.
  • After the success of the first Next Chair, we were presented with the exciting opportunity to experiment with some alternative manufacturing options, sponsored by the kind folks at EDA Point of Sale Solutions.

    The Next Chair was prototyped for us in both 10mm black (MK II) and 15mm clear acrylic (MK III), utilising slump-forming techniques over a machined form. The outcome was a product that took us down a completely different avenue than what we are used to - in that we had very little input in the actual production of the pieces - something that was refreshingly different, yet no less stressful than if we were manufacturing ourselves.
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