The New York Times Annual Report

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  • This project encompassed creating a concept for the Annual Report for The New York Times Company, along with an ad campaign to promote its release. 
    The 2010 Annual Report is an exclusive edition of the newspaper. It was made available on newsstands in New York City and other large US cities, printed on newsprint. This statement was made in order to promote that paper is still very much alive. Typography is inspired by that used by the NYT, but with a modern twist. The imagery also reflects the theme of nostalgia, showing different elements of the traditional printing process. The financial section uses the most current trend of infographics. A campaign has also been developed, further endorsing the tradition of paper, with a financial connotation. All of this will draw shareholders in, and prove to them that the company still has a true heart, and although it must follow technological trends to keep up with it’s competitors, the New York Times will always stay true to tradition.