The New Villains and Victims
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Villains and victims
Young Boyd Ruktrack. If you take a good look one allready can see he will become one nasty hell of a boy.
Flint Strong. Former actor and nowadays active as headhunter. He started his project 'Make My Day' in the Winter of 2011 because he got sick of bankers and politicians who drove the world into total madness. 
Harold. A 56 years old former accountant. Victim of the New World. Has been sacked after 30 years of duty at a local accounting office because of the crisis. Lived in a small apartment together with his 92 years old sick mother. Couldn't find any purpose in live anymore and let the gass on in their small kitchen. They were found dead the next day.
Young Boyd again. Still has that cocky attitude. The Promise Of Tommorow.
Kevin. Very well educated but turns out to be a angry young man because he has no chance getting a job anymore.
Little Boyd. He already knows he will get your money as soon as he has grown up. Look at the little satanic smile on his face. But he doens't know he will finish his carreer as a Muppet and that's the laughing part for all of us. 
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