The New Orleans Project

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  • The New Orleans Project

  • THE NEW ORLEANS PROJECT was a┬áhis grass roots effort created awareness that New Orleans hasn't recovered from Hurricane Katrina. The work was inspired by Stan Strembicki who photographed the decay scattered throughout the city. Promoted through donated media, the campaign drove traffic to a website ( to connect citizens to organizations rebuilding the city.
  • Visual: Book of Genesis account of the flood. "And every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground..."

    Headline: N.O. Warning.
  • Visual: Remains of a children's book with the words "Boy", "Danger", "Killed" and "Waters" left by the Katrina Flood.

    Headline: N.O. Reason.
  • Visual: Dictionary opened on the page containing the definition of "Power Politics."

    Headline: N.O. Excuse.