The Nature of Living

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    The Nature Of Living

    In memory of KatheeIrene Toon (1950 – 2010)

    The goal of thisproject was to explore the creation of generative visuals throughexperimental interfaces between Max/MSP/Jitter and camera inputs.

    Taking inspiration fromnotions of visual music and synaesthesia, I explored various optionsfor using motion data to create visual responses projected in space.The Nature of Living's interaction design explicitlycorresponds to the movements of a user, instead of provoking the userwith ambiguous visuals. The final result took the form of apseudo-fluid blob, and its anaglyphic effect was to visuallyrepresent the frequency of recorded movements.

    This project wasfeatured in New Zealand Pro Design Issue #111, as well as inthe 2012 Prospectus Handbook for Victoria University of Wellington'sFaculty of Architecture and Design.