• The Mole Bear Wars
  • These are some initial character designs from a story that myself and the talented Markus Wormstorm are developing together. We have all sorts of plans for this project, running from gaming to bedside lamps and bloody cakes. Looking forward to seeing how the project develops.

    "Far away in a rather insignificant corner of The Household is a world simply called “The Bog”. The Bog is rather a stinky place, quite humid, warm and sports one of the greatest and deadliest jungles ever imagined. It is here, in these jungles, that one will happen upon the Moles, a proud and ancient race. The Moles are the custodians of the jungle and the realm. It should have remained so, if not for the Bears. The Bears are an industrial bunch who began to settle in The Bog around a hundred years before our story begins. They initially did this to harvest the ocean of natural gas found below the jungle, but soon found something much more enticing - Honey. The bears could not get enough of the sweet jungle nectar, and as they grew increasingly wealthier they also grew increasingly fat, and they all did rather very well. Unfortunately for them, the Moles were also quite partial to Jungle Honey. In fact the Moles’ entire society is based on this Sticky Gold, and so it’s only logical that they should be quite impartial to the fact that the Bears were stealing their national resources and were chopping down their jungle. So in response the Moles began chopping up the Bears, who in turn fired at the Moles with pistols. These skirmishes quickly escalated into one of the bloodiest and drawn out wars in the history of The Bog." -Markus Wormstorm