The Michelberger Hotel's 'Past, Present, Future' NYE
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A collaborative poster design for The Michelberger Hotel's New Year's Eve event.
WOAH! Get busy, this here is The Michelberger Hotel's New Year's Eve event poster we designed between trips to London and Spain and bed in about 2 glorious (not too manic) days.

After a few German meetings about time and space, we decided as a studio we wanted to create a poster that showed off all of our skills together on the one piece, not to mention cover the all important party theme of past, present and future. So what we ended up with is this hyper-colour-time-bending-biggest-poster-yet, where we got all primary school and pulled off the most complicated exquisite corpse illustration I think any of us have ever tried. Each of us chose a section, then without looking at each other work, designed to our theme of past (Azar), present (meeee) and future (Uli). 

I've also included my original sketch some of the playing around with lines and colour that I kept stumbling across, and, just maybe, has ignited a whole love affair with photoshop and me adding another 5 hours to my process/losing my blooming mind in colour land. YES!