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The Life Within Music Illustration + experimentations
The Life Within Music
Completed in 2011 
My year's work was based around the theme I created from the word 'outburst', meaning a sudden release of energy. An aspect I chose to explore was objects bursting from other objects (rather than people which I also explored.) This piece was my absolute favourite from the folio I created as it has the intricacy and detail I love to add to my illustrations. My chosen title refers to the fact that there is a life within music that is hard to express in words, so I've expressed this through the random and sometimes irrelevant objects within my illustration that come together to form something as busy and intricate as life itself. 
The Original Composition (prior to my editing)  
Final Composition 
Warm colour trial (done with coloured pencil) 
Experimenting with contrasting colours. 
Orange Line Work
Framed Final 
This final was placed in a box frame because the composition was raised by foam tape to appear 3D. If you look carefully, you can see the shadow some areas of the illustration create and the subtle depth of the final piece. This detail is shown below... 
2nd Final Work - Coloured Pencil Framed