The Letter Y, The Sundance Film Festival Alphabet Book
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Image made to represent the letter Y in The Sundance Film Festival's Alphabet Book, 2013.
Finally we’re all clear to blog about our Sundance Film Festival Alphabet Book images. Not speaking as the royal “We” here—Todd Oldham Studio andSundance commissioned a different illustrator for each letter. I did the letter Y, which represents both Y Tu Mama Tambien and You Can Count On Me. Both of these films feature female protagonists straddling the madonna/whore line, and red station wagons. It’s not so bad, for a conceptual mashup. There’s water, and Madonna of Guadeloupe halos, so I’m pleased. Some illustrators in this book had 4 films to siphon into one image. Quite a challenge. My thanks to our designers, Greg Kozatek and Todd Oldham.