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Packaging design to advertise an event to promote Radio 3 in store at Waitrose.
The Legato project 
For Radio 3 
To intice Radio 3’s existing target audience of 55 and above. 
The experience will run in partnership with Waitrose stores all around the UK. 350 people will have the chance to a multisensory experience held 150 meters in the air above Hyde Park London. It will include a tasting dinner menu by Heston Blumethal and muscial performances by Michael Bublé, Alexandre Tharaud and the London Symphony Orchestra.
The event will be promoted instore on Waitrose essential goods. On all basic products such as milk, bread, and eggs. Promoting in Waitrose is because the majority of Radio 3 listeners have a high social class of A and B,and a bigger disposible income. Therefore are looking to spend that extra money on ‘quality’, especially if they are retiring, or soon to be retiring. 
The intention is for them to come away from the experience and tell others of the quality and excellance of the evening, inticing a new audience; and for those who had the experience will feel apart of Radio 3’s culture and will want to keep on listening to the station.