The Later I Leave It. Ongoing Project.
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The continued ripples of Mr Richard Henry Ashworth.
The Later I Leave It. A photographic exploration of mortality...........I think. 

Richard Henry Ashworth. My great grandfather. I've never met him. The only item I inherited of his was the above badly damaged 35mm negative of him posing in his WW1 army uniform probably younger than I am now. I've stared at the photograph many times and wondered what his life must have been like, the things he saw and the terror and sadness he must have experienced during the war not to mention the mental scars after arriving home.
I'll never know if he visited any of the places I photographed for this project or if he would even have been interested enough to have a look at the images. He might have hated them. These photographs are now my way of trying to understand a man who can never be closer then a stranger but is at the same time part of me. 

This is an ongoing project.