The Last Telegram

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  • Being a graphic designer I was thinking how can contribute to this legendary service, so I have came up with this minimalistic concept.
    History of Telegram
    Started in 1850 on an experimental basis between Kolkata and Diamond Harbour, it was opened for use by the British East India Company the following year. In 1854, the service was made available to the public.
    It was such an important mode of communication in those days that revolutionaries fighting for the country's independence used to cut the telegram lines to stop the British from communicating.

    Old timers recall that receiving a telegram would be an event itself and the messages were normally opened with a sense of trepidation as people feared for the welfare of their near and dear ones.

    For jawans and armed forces seeking leave or waiting for transfer or joining reports, it was a quick and handy mode of communication.

    Lawyers vouched for the telegrams as they were registered under the Indian Evidence Act and known for their credibility when presented in court.

    Bollywood was not to be left behind and immortalized the service with many sudden turns in films being announced by the advent of the 'taar'.

    Pockets of rural India still use the service but with the advent of technology and newer means of communication, the telegram found itself edged out.

    "The service will start at 8am and close by 9pm tonight," BSNL CMD RK Upadhyay said. "The service will not be available from Monday."
    Data Courtesy: The Times of India Jul 14, 2013 Edition