"The Last Podfighter" Indie Xbox Live Marketplace game
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Assets for the Independent Video Game, "The Last Podfighter"
The Last Podfighter
Independent Videogame currently for sale on the Xbox Live Marketplace
The Last Podfighter is an independent video game which is currently for sale on the Xbox Live Marketplace here.
I worked as the High Poly Artist, Texture Artist, and 2D marketing illustrator for the project.  I created the textures for use in the game, including the Normal, bump, diffuse, and specular maps for the individual assets, as well as creating the worn look that you can see in the images below.  I used Zbrush to create High Poly versions of the models which other collaborating artists produced, and I textured them with custom paint-jobs and unique looks of wear-and-tear.
It was a fun project, and I enjoyed collaborating with independent video game developers with such passion for their creative projects!
This was a bomber design which was created by other artists.  My job was to provide the high detail sculpting which could then be baked into normal, diffuse, and specular maps and used in the game.
This particular image was designed to be used with marketing materials to help sell the idea of the Last Podfighter.
This is a views sheet of the many different ships which are encountered in "The Last Pod Fighter."  As mentioned above, the low polygon artist had designed and modeled each of these ships previously.  My job was to create the details which could be baked onto the models via normal, diffuse, and specular maps.
The gameplay required a very specific color scheme for the enemies, as each enemy was to be identified from a distance primarily by their unique color patterns.  Working around these requirements, I came up with the paint jobs you see above.
This is the main ship which the player pilots through the game.  The ship itself was designed and modeled by other artists, and my job was to provide the high detailing, including the paint job, the paneling, and the wear and tear on the ship.
This particular image was to be used to aid in marketing the game.