• "The kitchen is the main space of my house. It's close to the yard. I usually spend my day in the garden. I don't need to buy vegetables. I eat what my garden offers me".
  • A synthesis of existing qualities and new needs.
    The center of social interaction and a potencial for comfort improvement.
  • Flexible stove design can function with wood/straw or gas (fuel). 
    This way, traditional chinese cooking process is preserved, and covers new city cooking times.
  • "When I have guests we play in madjong room. It's next to the kitchen, and the smoke doesn't damage the tissue of the madjong table.
    The daughters sleeping rooms are always prepared for occasional visits...I like to decorate the windows with curtains and the doors with the weeding portrait of my daughters".

  • Cooking heat is taken for heating upstairs rooms
  • Published on January, 2010.