• The kitchen of my work.
    My love for the typography.
    My love for the details.
    Don't stop and be Playful.

    Playfulâ„¢ (www.pabloalfieri.com)
  • 10 de picas
    Typography Treatment for the new deck of cards of the Lovit Store
  • Plan Norge
    Typography and illustration work for Plan Norge *www.plan-norge.no
  • Geo
    Personal Project for a future magazine
  • Mtv Only Hits LogoType
    (It doesn't work for the client)

  • Touch & Prip
    A logo for a print campaign that never see the light.
  • 3d typographic treatment for a print campaign that never see the light too.
  • Nike goes Playful
    Typographic layout and treatment for T-shirts of Nike.
  • Mtv Bicentenario
    Logotype for the Mtv Bicentenario. Doesn't work. but you could see the entire process of the work and the final logotype here:

  • Chupala's Party
    This was a typographic flyer that I did in 2009 for a friend. The slogan was "Suck it" the original phrase of Diego Armando Maradona and the idea was play with plasticiline and get good results!
  • Lo Ultimo
    Logotype for "Lo Ultimo", a short show of Technology for Sony Latinamerica.
    The work was a pitch that we loose.
  • Space
    Typographic poster for the pitch of a rebrand of an Arentinean Bank.
    They never see the light, but I love them!