The Kabir Project

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  • The Kabir Project
    Mixed media, Animation, Installation : Kabir Festival '09
  • Produced to be exhibited at the ‘Koi Sunta Hai - Kabir fest 2009’ in Bangalore, this animation is a visualisation of our re-interpretation of 14th century Indian poet and philosopher Kabir’s work and ideology. The work contemporises the concepts of Kabir, using contemporary mediums to communicate. Made using various mixed media, cel animation, stop motion, After Effects, and involving motion and sound design this piece of work was one of the most rigourous experiences in exploration of techniques, as well as customising the medium for the message.
    Credits : Arya Rothe, Lara Jaydha, Ramya Pothukuchi
  • A representation of the final installation setup.
    The animation is projected onto a real glass, placed in front of a back projection screen.
    The screen size is 2.5x2 feet , measured to fit the size of the glass.
    Viewed approximatly at eye level, the entire animation revolves around the stationary glass, which is treated as part of the animation. Characters and elements of the animation interact with the glass standing in front of the screen throughout the animation. 
  • The animation