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    ...or  what we created so far...
  • What is this project about?...
    We would like to share with you a presentation of a recent game project that we worked on - a steam-punk action adventure game.There is action, there is time travelling, robots , steam-punk and more. All information here is part of the prototyping phase which aim was to develop good game design concept, test out unity engine and create a quick mockup for the visuals.

    We want to tell you a story.
    In a small village a couple of extraordinary individuals came to be born and raised. Gifted with prodigal talents, and a great lust for adventure, the two childhood friends – Sparks, the inventor, and Muscle, the hunter- have always stood apart from the diligent, but content villagers. And soon, events will be set in motion that will set them further apart from the world and the people that they have known all their lives.

    One day, as Muscle visits Sparks’ tower –a singular sanctuary of scientific thought- his friend asks him to participate in the tests of a devise, called “quantum jumper”, that could very well prove to be the means for traversing the wasteland and finally discovering what lies beyond.
    As the experiment reaches its peak, a freak accident occurs and both friends find themselves trapped within the same dimensional confines of space; that is, they can switch places at will, but only one of them can be physically present in the world at any one time. At the same time, a host of strange creatures start emerging within the tower, and quickly proceed to wreak havoc upon the place. With the building coming down around them, Muscle and Sparks must find a way to escape the collapsing halls. Little do they know that this will be only the first step of a grand journey, and it will set them on a path of discovery and adventure they have never dreamed of. The future will face them with many strange creatures, amazing places and perilous challenges. Will the two heroes live long enough to unearth the secrets of their ancient world and –just maybe- manage to return their normal existence in the process?...

    Who are the people responsible for this?

    Martin  [VertexBee]  Punchev
    Sergey [Scriptkiddy] Punchev

    Ivaylo Chipriyanov

    Stefan Atanasov;  Ivelin Trifonov;
    Vesela Ognianova;  Christo Christov; 
    Tsveti Sarkisian;   Liubomir Goshev;
    Martin Mihailov;  Ivet Jordanova

  • The video below showcase a moment of the game when Sparks appears much older , because of a time jump that he is about to fix...if only he can manage to unlock the gate first.
           *Note: the screen turns in grayscale in the middle of the clip to indicate that the character jumps trough time. We used it just to mark visually when this happens.

  • A little bit from the art of the game.
  • A little bit of the UI.
  • The most important thing - we created a game design document that describes the story, the mechanics and all the rest in grate detail. We believe that if interpreted in the right way it can turn out in a grate game experience.

    If you're interested in what is happening with the game and the team behind it, contact me at vertexbee (at) , I'll be more than happy to talk about it and answer your questions :)
  • Some other art from us:)
    Vertex Bee
    | Punchev ArtWi-Flip | Trifonov

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    We all thank you for that!
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