The Journal: Newspaper Redesign
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Complete redesign of The Journal – Scotland's largest student newspaper.
The Journal
Redesign of Scotland's largest Student Newspaper
As the Art Director of student newspaper, I redesigned the entire newspaper from the ground up over the 2011–2012 New Year period. This was a complicated project involving altering the layout, changing the type system, creating a new grid, establishing paragraph and object styles, redesigning the elements library and stress-testing the new layout by creating various mockups and master pages. 

Because my design would later be used by a team of layout designers, one of my main aims was to make it easy to use. To achieve this, I created a modular grid and a complete elements library covering most of graphic elements they would need for the paper. I also defined several paragraph styles for headlines, standfirsts, body copy and additional info. To make the paper easy to read I encouraged high contrast between type weights & size to create a visual hierarchy, colour coded and divided the paper's sections, and designed easy-to-read tables, pull quotes & elements.

The following pictures show pieces from all stages of the redesign, from my design proposals to mockups to final printed issues.
These spreads are from my proposal for typographic alterations. Here, I recommended using Stag, Gotham and Mercury over the old system of Soho, Myriad Pro and Egyptienne for practical and aesthetic reasons.
This document, essentially a style guide, showed how the grid could be used along with the type styles to create clear layouts and modular covers.
Final printed editions: