The JPO Infinite Playlist

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  • At the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra (JPO), younger audiences are not being attracted to performances at the rate that older patrons are being lost. As classical music education and appreciation has deteriorated in our society, young adult audiences do not attend the orchestra or even listen to classical music because they cannot understand it. So we found a way to make classical music more accessible and relative, using the one thing this young adult market already relate to: their music and the internet.

    Our research showed that when compared, classical music and the Internet are structurally very similar. Both create vast, intangible experiences that never desaturates. And both experiences seem to transcend time and space. Using this comparison, we created The JPO Infinite Playlist. An app that creates a universe with your music library, using the music you already relate to, to connect you to classical pieces of music.

    The app identifies notes and patterns in the music you listen to, and suggests classical music pieces that have a similar structure. These moments of relation make classical music a bit more accessible. Using cloud technology, these playlists are saved, allowing you to re-experience the music you’ve discovered at anytime you enter the universe. The app also identifies any JPO performances of the music you discover. Using the live stream function, the app visualizes the music as it is played and this is projected in the users device and onto the orchestra, using 3D glasses to bring the universe to life.

    Using this subtle approach, The JPO Infinite Playlist will help young audiences relate to classical music and in the long run, become the new subscribers of the JPO.