• The Isbert Family
    By Jack Radcliffe

  • Beppi and Stephen share a passion for dress up: Beppi in vintage clothing or home-constructed outfits, Stephen in woman's clothing.

    I began photographing Beppi and Stephen in 1992. They met while Beppi was in college studying art, married shortly after she graduated, and have since had three children, Gunnar, Ivana, and Strom.

    Stephen had worked in construction, but now earns most of his income as an exotic dancer. Beppi worked as a masseuse and for a psychic hotline, but is now a full-time mother and part-time cartoonist. Beppi's sister, Mary is a poet and performance artist. For the moment, Beppi and Mary are collaborating on an underground comic strip. Visit them

    Beppi and Stephen admit they come from dysfunctional families, which makes their strong marital bond, their desire for a large family, and the way they relate as husband and wife as well as mother and father, so compelling. Though unconventional in employment and pastimes, they have successfully built a traditional family structure.
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