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My first experiments with Wedding Photography
Indian Wedding
The Haldi Ceremony
Every Indian Wedding begins with a ceremony which involves turmeric, and milk bath.The ceremony, involves application of Turmeric on the Bride and Groom in their respective homes.

Turmeric is considered to have healing and purifying properties and it is believed that after this ceremony, the Bride and the Groom are ready to start a new chapter in her/his life. After this ceremony, the couple aren't allowed to go out of the house or see each other.

I have edited the pics below to show yellow, the color of the ceremony.
I reached in after the ceremony was over, missed some of the better shots.Pictures featured here are from post ceremony.
Featured in the picture : Groom's Paternal Aunt
Groom's Father
Groom's Mother
Bharat, the Handsome Groom, the man himself.. :)
The Mehendi Ceremony
The Mehendi Ceremony revolves around applying Henna Designs on Hand and Feet of the soon-to-be-married couple and their well wishers, which would also include friends, distant relatives and who ever else is invited for the wedding.

This ritual happens post the purification ceremony - Haldi.
The Groom's Aunt gets her hand henna-ed first
The Groom's Sister..
Henna being applied on the Groom's Mother's Hand.. The bangles are also special. All the  married women wear the same color in the same order..A special red thread is also tied on the left hand of every female and right hand of the male.
Deepali, the Groom's sister admiring her brother's Mehendi design
Aunt showing off her mehendi design :)
The Marriage Procession
The D-Day arrives, when the couple will tie the knot and be pronounced as Husband and Wife.. :)
Bharat (the Groom) is ready to sweep his to be wife off her feet.. :)
The Teeka.. Aunt applies the Teeka on the groom's forehead.
The Teeka is made from a red 'holy' powder and applied with some rice kernels.
Bharat's Mother carrying out the rites before he leaves for the wedding..
Some more Poojas to purify the Groom, before the Bride joins in the marriage procession.
Shaadi ka Laddoo.. Bharat seems to be enjoying it.. :)
Brothers in arms.. :)
The Bride - Nupur
The Groom - Bharat
Kanya daan - A very auspicious Hindu Ritual. Kanyadaan means when the father hands over all his rights and duties towards his daughter to her prospective groom. This way the father gives her daughter as a gift to the groom. As per tradition, groom is considered a form of Lord Vishnu. Thus, presenting him gifts is deemed as the greatest honor for the parents of the bride. As a result, they offer their daughter to the groom, who is their most cherished gift. As a symbol of acceptance, the groom touches the right shoulder of the bride, promising to take care of her andKanya daan - A very auspicious Hindu Ritual.
The Hawan (a purifying ritual in Hinduism that involves fire ceremony), before the couple walk seven times around this fire and vow to be together for the rest of their lives.
The ritual of Seven Vows/Saat Phere is one of the rituals having great significance. The seven vows made during Saat Phere or seven steps make the bond of marriage immortal. All these vows and steps have their own ritual significance and meant to invoke a great future ahead. For instance, first round of the seven steps is a prayer to God for bringing a plenty of nutritious and healthy food. Likewise all the steps have their own ritual significance.
The ritual in which the groom applies holy red powder to the bride's forehead
The Indian Version of - You are now pronounced as Husband and Wife :)
Bride's elder sister does the last ritual before the bride is ready to bid farewell to her house and enter the house of her husband
A Ritual in which the eldest un-married brother in law sits in the new bride's lap and earns some cash in this process.. A Candid Picture and amongst my personal favourites