• My first animation project where I was the incharge of all the creative content.

    Indian Wanderer is about a journey across two worlds. In a mythical time infused with mystery and wonder, a wanderer feels the gravity and pull of another world. At the same time, another wanderer trapped within the mundane boundaries of our contemporary world begins to feel a nostalgic and mysterious awakening within and all around him. As he allows the mythical dimension to enter his life, he slowly begins to remember who he really is - and why he might have journeyed across the two worlds.
    This is the official music video for the song ‘Indian Wanderer,’ from the independent debut album ‘The Way Back’ by Arish Dastur, with music production by Aditya Naik. To listen to the rest of the album, and to view the complete musician credits, please visit thewayback.in
    The concept and story for the music video was developed by Neha Bahuguna and Arish Dastur. The style and treatment for the video was inspired by Neha Bahuguna’s illustrations and cover art for the music album.
    The production of the video was handled by GIRGIT Studios, based on visual script, art and treatment by Neha Bahuguna. The animation production team was headed by Anuj Kumar, with 2D production by Anuj Kumar, Avinash Medhe and Swarup Deb, and with 3D production by Avinash Medhe and Dhiraj Moolya. Compositing was done by Anuj Kumar, with editing by Anuj Kumar and Arish Dastur. The video was produced by Arish Dastur.