The Image of the Book, Exhibition Catalogue

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  • The Image of the Book
    Academy od Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia

    local and international audiances with the aim of reaching a new level of visual culture in this segment 
    of the Slovenian graphic design profession.

    Trubar Literature House

    A major part of the project was this catalogue/book, which features all of the exhibited work in a inovative reaching a new level of visual culture. 
    It achieves this with the use of different techniks  of design and print, binding and so on.

    We cooperated with Radovan Jenkoprofesor of visual communications and Tanja Semion

    Municipality of Ljubljana
  • Screenprinted sides
  • Traditional hard bind and sleeve 
  • Author of book on this spread: Filip Burburan
  • Author of book on this spread: David Krančan
  • Author of book on this spread: Suzana Bricelj

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