The House of human rights

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  • The House of human rights and democracy is a competition project done in a team with classmates: Nenad Merzel, Sonja Tonev and Sava Zivkovic, of an office space design solution.
    The main theme of the competition was to make an open office where five different organizations with 56 employees could co-exist.The office which is on the first floor of the building,had limited floor area whish we try to solve by designing special office tables for two which have a square surface divided in the middle by a multifunctional divider. Each table is isolated by a wall dividers made of wooden cylinders. This way every person has their own working space within one huge space.
    The library is located on the ground floor. The main aesthetic element of it is a glass floor with the view over the archive in the basement and extending shelves. This element was essential, because it provides natural light to a light deprived basement.
    There is also a lounge area for lunch and coffee brakes, a small kitchen, four toilets and a multifunctional conference room which can be turned into a presentation room with a projector. This room is located in the middle of a floor, where a skylight used to be.