• The Hangover Book
  • "Almost everyone is familiar with the feeling, after a long and merry night spent out drinking – the hangover.
    The definitions for this feeling vary from country to country. According to the German “Hangover” also known as “Kater” (which literally means cat) the booklet illustrates the world’s ten most famous hangovers in funny stories, radical images and dubious household remedies." - Red Dot

    Client: Boehringer Ingelheim
    Agency: Havas Worldwide
    Creative Direction: Martin Breuer
    Book Layout: Michel Becker
    Illustration: DXTR

    Art Directors Club Germany  2012 / Silver / Category: Illustration
    Red Dot Award 2012 / Best of the best / Category: Illustration

    1. Kater (Male cat)  / Germany
  • Origin: Name comes from a beer called "Kater"
    Anti hangover recipe: Fresh owl eggs

  •  2. Tømmermand (Carpenter) / Denmark
  • Origin: Roofing ceremonies/Carpenters
    Anti hangover recipe: Smut/Lamp black and milk

  •  3. Hangover / USA
  •  Origin: Native American / Firewater / Hanging around
    Anti hangover recipe: Pecker of a swallow and myrrh

  •  4. Resaca (Sea erosion) / Spain
  • Origin: To be flooded
    Anti hangover recipe: 1/2 Lemon in armpit


    5. Babalas (The morn after the day before) / South Africa
  • Origin: Zulu
    Anti hangover recipe: Sheep eyes in tomatojuice

  •  6. Gueule de bois (The wooden jaw) / France
  • Origin: Wooden cognac barrels and drinking vessels
    Medieval anti hangover recipe: Red wine mixed with garlic

  • 07. Suri (Dizzy) / Bavaria

  • Origin: "Sorry". Also a word for feeling dizzy
    Anti hangover recipe: Two egg yolk's in noodlesoup with cognac

  •  8. Baksmälla (Throwback) / Sweden
  • Origin: Relapse or to suffer a setback
    Anti hangover recipe: Fresh eel and almonds

  •  9. Pochmeliye (Drunken stupor) / Russia
  • Origin: Knocking in the head
    Anti hangover recipe: Cigarettes in coffee / More Vodka

  • 10. Krapula (Crap) / Finland
  • Origin: Crap protein often was responsible for the hangover
    Anti hangover recipe of Finns that moved to Haiti: Voodoo (13 pins into the cork of the bottle)

    The Book / Brochure
  • Language: German
    24 pages