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Student expo
A school project back in 2010, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (NL) / KABK.
My class had an expo titled 'The Edition - Night and Day'. You had to think of a subtitle yourself and make at least 5 prints using etching or linoleum.
My subtitle is 'The Sunnah of Liyah/ The Habit of the Beard'. In my opinion 'Day and Night' stands for two opposites. My subtitle is the way people looked at having a beard in the old days and how people look at it now. This from an Islamic perspective. In the old days you where respected but now your feared. 
I didn't want to make a heavy statement so in the end of the process I ended up showing the beard in different ways.
We also had to make a poster for this exhibition.
This is my poster 
The prints
My process book.
It is all in dutch though.
The masks represent the students that where involved in the project. Together we where to become this mythical creative being but this was little bit too far fetched. So a good friend of mine Meiyin Bong (from LaBong) advised me to make a beard out of those masks, which was logical and very effective.
I was too deep into creating something stunning that I simply didn't see it... Thanks Meiy!