• Illustrations for the Guinness 'Made of More' Monument in collaboration with Blink Art and Saatchi&Saatchi. 
    Winner of the Fubiz Advertising Awards 2013.

    ⓒ Bradley Jay 2013
  • Director: David Wilson

    Produced by blinkart

    Featuring: Village Green, Jethro Haynes, Benedict Hughes, Robert Hunter, Bradley Jay, Corin Johnson, Mark Judges, Micah Lidberg, Alex Simpson, Jason Bruges Studio with Lost Values.

    Art Directors: Sam & Arthur

    Carvers: Tom Ball, Chris Burbidge, Orlando Campbell, Saena Koo, Julius Lightfood, Artsem Malakhouski, Clementine Nuttall, Maureen Otwell, Joseph Stokes

    Saatchi & Saatchi Creative Team : Jonathan Santana and Xander Smith

    Blinkart was commissioned by Jonathan Santana and Xander Smith at Saatchi & Saatchi to create a physical piece to celebrate the history of Guinness from 1759 to the present day. In response we built a twelve foot, two ton sculptured plinth which depicts the story of Guinness in the round, designed and directed by David Wilson.

    David Wilson selected illustrators Robert Hunter, Bradley Jay, Micah Lidberg, and design studio Village Green to each draw a section of the story which would then be hand carved into the solid sculpture, marrying their individual different styles and creating a rich texture and depth to the monument. 

    The carving process was headed up by Corin Johnson, who directed a 9-strong team to translate these drawn designs into a 3-dimensional carved form in the solid Ash-wood structure. Mixed media artist Jethro Haynes created a mountain range at the top of the sculpture, which was decorated by a series of 10 clay explorers created as a collaboration between illustrator Rob Hunter and sculptor Alex Simpson. Fine Artist and sculptor, Benedict Hughes crafted the three magnificent bronze horses, which extend from hand-carved wooden waves into the illuminated crown of the piece; a moving, breathing light sculpture by Jason Bruges Studio with Lost Values that depicts the white, swirling foam of a Guinness pint.