The Great War

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  • The Great War 1914-18 - Photo collection In Flanders Fields Museum
    This commemorative reference book, The Great War 1914-18, constitutes a unique iconographic and historical document based on the archives of private individuals, never previously published, and emanating from the prestigious collection of the In Flanders Fields Museum of Ypres, one of the largest European museums devoted to studying the Great War.  All of the pictures, more than a hundred unpublished visuals, have been carefully selected and put into perspective by Hannibal Publishing and by the Museum’s scientific team, led by Piet Chielens, in an aesthetic approach that offers a human view of the conflict, devoid of the usual militaristic or propaganda-oriented clichés. 
    Design: Tim Bisschop (Houtkaaizeven)
    Picture selection: Stephan Vanfleteren and Hannibal Publishing
    Picture editing: Séverine Lacante
    Printing: die Keure, Brugge
    © Text and photos: In Flanders Fields Museum, Ypres
    © Hannibal Publishing, 2013