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Covers for my favourite novels
The Great Book Cover Project #4
Lord of the Flies – Misery – Moby Dick
Moby Dick was one of the first novels I tried to visualize and it turned out to be one of the hardest, but I had to make dozens of layouts until I was satisfied with an idea (or maybe I just lowered my expectations :D)
On the other hand Misery was a great material and I had many wrinkles after a cup of coffee – like the one I already made into a movie poster. The text in the red version is an actual quotation of the novel Paul is writing within the novel, I only changed it to place the words "Stephen" and "King" in it, but I think it still makes sense.

I've uploaded a second version for the Lord of the Flies.
Please leave a comment which one do you prefer (as well about the Misery covers) thank you!

I'm not sure about this lettering... Maybe it's too much
The story starts with a British plane crash-landing near an island in the Pacific Ocean
I think this version has a better answer for the true meaning of the novel, and also I like the sick, sweaty color contrast
I like the simple, raw image with the black background, the novel is very dark and claustrophobic as well
The text is an actual quotation (with two minor changes) from the book that Paul Sheldon is writing in the novel itself
Same early layouts