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Covers for my favourite novels
The Great Book Cover Project #3
Space Odyssey Series

2001: A Space Odyssey is one of the best sci-fi novels ever written, and it has an exceptional bond with the movie version directed by Stanley Kubrick.
Usually people only remember the struggle between HAL – the shuttle's artificial intelligence – and Dr. Bowman, but the real story is about the enigmatic monoliths, evolution and the ascension of mankind.

I wanted to somehow grab this multi-millennia progression by placing the iconic moment between the hominid pre-human and the monolith on the book's dust jacket, and as a counterpart, the moment (millions of years later) when Dr. Bowman is standing in front of the Jupiter monolith is placed on the white hardcover of the book.
Black dust jacket, front and back
Removing the dust jacket
White hardcover, front and black