Commuter Connect App

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    Commuter Connect is an app designed for the daily commuter. The goal is to identify other commuters who live in the same area as you, and travel to a similar destination. Through a simple profile system and easy to communicate SMS style chat, solo commuters can find travel companions and will never have to commute solo again. Research has proved that commuters find travelling alot more enjoyable when accompanied by a fello commuter. Commuter Connect is designed to do just that.
  • Designed for every commuter:
    The user enters the to and from of their commute, followed by selecting their mode of transport.
  • Mapping System:
    After entering these details, a map will then suggest your route for you to approve. The app will then match your commute with others who take a similar route. 
    After scrolling down from the matched routes you will be able to see the individuals. Here you can contact them, or view their profiles. 
  • Profile System:
    Much like social media sites, the app has a profile page that contains details about you as a person. This way you are able to match yourself with indivudals you can get on with.
    Conact commuters:
    With an easy to use andriod messaging system, users can contact other commuters via text and organise to meet for their commutes.