The Giant

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  • Image above is the final Composition of
    Below are various close-up shots of the character
  • Image above is the final render before composting the background
    Character Type: Giant
    Height: 14 to 15ft
    Software Used: 3D Studio Max, Zbrush, UVLayout, Photoshop
    I had a concept of giant that i wanted to work on for so long and now finally got time to finish it. Well, with this character i didn't really want to over-exaggerate his length. Initially it was 25ft tall, but during scale test i found it to be bit too much, so i ended up making him 14 to 15ft tall. Also, i didn't want to either make him muscular or too fat, so this is what i ended up finalizing. Now for the weapon, from the very beginning i knew that his main weapon would be a tree-bark, then later also decided to give hm a stone-knife for cutting his prey and various other purposes. The basemesh for this whole character was made in 3dsmax, UVs were done using UVLayout, sculpted textured rendered in zbrush and post work was done in photoshop.