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The Game Fanatics is a video game blog I designed and regularly maintain; it garners around 20,000 unique hits a month.
The Game Fanatics
Game Junkies Unite
The Game Fanatics is a brainchild blog-turned-website of mine that I designed in Wordpress. It showcases a large extent of my work, from social network integration, to graphic design, typography, community interaction; it gets over 30,000 unique hits a month. Below you'll see a banner for the site, then the actual site, my business card, some clothing samples, and mobile application information; all designed by me.

“ has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 130,021. About 41% of visits to it are bounces (one pageview only). Compared with all internet users, it appeals more to users who are under the age of 35; its audience also tends to consist of moderately educated, childless men browsing from school and home. Roughly 59% of’s visitors are in the US, where it has attained a traffic rank of 33,430. Visitors to the site spend about thirteen minutes per visit to the site and 46 seconds per pageview.
Game Fanatics "Unite Fist" Logo. Created in Photoshop.
Game Fanatics Landscape Logo. Created in Photoshop.
3D effects accomplished using blur effects and layer manipulation. Created in Photoshop.
Website advertisement I designed for my applications.
Banner for iTunes podcast display I designed.
New Business Cards I designed.
Shirt I designed to promoted the website.
3D effects accomplished using blur effects and layer manipulation. Created in Photoshop.
Wallpaper Design. Created in Photoshop.
Wallpaper design using shadow effects and engraving techniques. Created in Photoshop.
Images below feature the old logo which I redesigned in October 2011.
The Game Fanatics Logo.
Old Website Design.
Front of Business Card.
Back of Business Card.
Sample Shirt Advertisement.
Shirt design vectorized in Illustrator. Graphic created in Photoshop.
Sample Shirt V-Neck Design.
Sample Crew Shirt Design.
Sample Baseball Cap Design.
Advertisement for Mobile Apps.
Bubble Wallpaper Design for Promotions.