The Future of Yesterday

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    (ambiental settings for listening the voices of the past)
    11 November, 2011
    Project Authors: Zoran Erić & Stevan Vuković

    Center for visual culture of the Museum of Contemporary Art presents the results of two workshops realized within the research project From Dionysian Socialism to Predatory Capitalism. Starting premise of the project is that the history is not simply a given fact but is always constructed, and thus may as well be reconstructed and deconstructed. In the course of the audio-workshop, which was conducted by the composer Miroslav Savić – Mipi, ephemeral fragments of personal memories of the key protagonists of the art and cultural scene in socialist Yugoslavia were creatively incorporated in musical compositions thus reshaping conventional forms of historical narratives. Through joint efforts of the composers and the participants of the workshop for space design, conducted by the visual artist and architect Milorad Mladenović, the ways of spatialization of these compositions were invented and elaborated. As the final result of the work of the teams composed of one composer and one architect actual realizations of ambiental settings were created specifically for the building of the no longer existing enterprise Inex Film. In selecting the location it was crucial that this building was recognized as a symptom of the social transformations in today’s Serbia, with traces of the former social system which it brings with itself, but also with new forms of self-organized usage of abandoned spaces in satisfying certain cultural needs. Preparatory operations regarding the adaptation of the space in which these ambiences are presented were carried out together with the collective Expedition Inex Film which acts in this building and investigates the possibilities of self-organizing, of solidarity and ‘do-it-yourself’ philosophy of life in Belgrade at the beginning of the 21st century.
    Pavle Popov: Years (27’), composition & live performance + VJ Nikola Marinković. Space design: Marko Salapura
    Luka Barajević: Colors of sound (6’59’’), composition. Space design: Luka Mladenović
    Endre Barna: Metamorphosis (6’), composition. Space design: Zorana Matić
    Danica Vujošević: The future of the yesterday (8’11’’), composition. Space design: Iva Čukić
    Srđan Popov: Protić dances (loop), composition. Space design: Nikola Andonov
    The project is realized with the support of the ERSTE Foundation.
    Thanks to: 
    Galenika Klirit, Nimaks, Toi Toi, Atelje Crtani, Programski arhiv RTS-a, Muzej istorije Jugoslavije, UK Vuk Karadžić, Udruženje multimedijalnih umetnika Auropolis
    Team:  Mirjana Stojadinović Boba, Senka Ristivojević, Miloš Lužajić
  • Architecture. Music. Time visualisation. Constuction of space.
    The Future of Yesterday. The society of the spectacle.
    Homo Ludens. The playing man, 
    A white room filled up with white balloons.
    Balloon / zeppelin - as the symbol of a coming age. And, again, balloon - as the symbol of the spectacle.
    Simultaneously there is the need and the drive aroused in the user to play with and shape his/her own space. This concept affirms the architecture of enjoyment, where the singularity of the ambience is appreciated from the point of view of day-to-day experience, because it offers a form which is intensely "experienced".