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The Evolution of Symbols - A hand-bound archive that discusses the phenomenon of semiotics and it's evolution.
The Evolution of Symbols
An Archive
The evolution of symbols, among all forms of evolution, can only be described as a profound phenomenon. Much like the phenomena of man, life, and the universe - controversy can be found in high saturation during conversations involving the origin and evolution of symbols. The field and study of semiotics plays a large role in understanding historical cultures and uncovering more information about where and when consciousness was formed here on earth. Early in my study of semiotics, I was able to discern that there is no coincidence among the symbols of early man and their cosmic studies. Each symbol provided a form of communication with purpose for our ancestors. I have often wondered about the birth places of these symbols, their relationships with the universe and mankind. This fascination gave me the inspiration needed to design a modern book on the evolution of symbols. 

This book discusses the origins of hundreds of symbols from around the world. With a standard graphic design approach, I utilized a traditional medium for the display of modern information. This brought substantial metaphoric value to the solution. With only two weeks to research, design, and produce one copy of this hand-bound for a school project - I completed this prototype just in time.

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Enjoy the Evolution of Symbols.

Corey Koberna