The Envelope from Hell

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  • Here's a one day project (approximately 6 hours) telling a quick story of the awful feeling canadian business owners and professionals get when they receive a letter from the CRA in the mail. The dreaded brown envelope! I think it's safe to think of it as an envelope from the IRS for us Americans. It's usually not good. 
    See the blog post it's accompanying here on Wagepoint's blog
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  • The idea was to convey this worker, whether he be an accountant or business owner terrified of what's in the other room. As if it just appeared there, or perhaps he threw it in the trash multiple times and it just keeps finding it's own way back onto the table there under the light.
    Below are some detail shots and then some sketches / process of how it evolved. I'll try to pull off a real brief explaination as it continues.
  • Lamp & Lighting Detail
  • Character Detail
  • Picture / Desk Detail
  • Process / Works in Progress
    I started with some research looking at reference photos of that twisty windy elongated hallway for inspiration. That was the main thing I needed for reference. Otherwise I pretty much just started sketching and brought it to a point I thought was good enough to get me started digitally.

    I normally start with my shapes in illustrator and in black and white to help get a sense of value. then go to a color palette from there. When this started to take form I began to think maybe back and white would give this an even better sense of old horror movie style and went with it!

    I thought this would also be a good piece to work with a lot of different textures for things like the carpet, wallpaper, and an overal noisy film noir style. Finished it off with some lighting and shadows and then my regular post production stuff.
  • Pencil Sketch
  • I misread the brief at first and created a living room haha! So I rennovated the room
  • Now it's an office
  • Final Shapes
  • First Texture
  • Final texture before lighting, detail and color correction / other post crap
  • Texture, lighting, post stuff. Final
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