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  • Photography and snowboarding are very connected in many different ways but there is not a true and free creative outlet for photographers to show and portray their pictures as they envision them. The Eight is born with that purpose, let the photographers express themselves without the usual constrains of traditional magazines.
    The Eight is born as magazine-format snowboard photography book. In each volume eight photographers will be featured and given 12-14 pages. Each photographer can submit any content they like, with no restrictions. The main problem photographers face with magazines is that photos have to feature the latest gear and fit the content and style of the mag or that particular issue. Here photographers can submit any content they want to show, new or old, we are just looking for amazing photography. We’ll be doing a volume once a year, always at the beginning of the season, around the end of November or early December.
    Gonzalo Manera
    Director / Editor
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