The Egalitarian (Volume X)

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  • Original logo of The Egalitarian - Official Student Publication of The College Department
    Created by Jae Aquino on January 1, 2011
  • The Egalitarian Volume X was inspired by Apple's skeuomorphic design philosophy
  • 100 Weapons of Academic Distinction
    Written & Layout by Jae Aquino
  • Killer PC Apps & A Sound Way to Hack Your Brain
    Written & Photomanipulated by Jae Aquino
    Models: Plenkylor Petil (Left) and Sheika Jamela Dorotheo (Right)
  • Thoughts on graduating
    Written by Jae Aquino
  • Killer Tips from the Pros
    Written by Jae Aquino and Leandrea Gonzales
    Layout by Jae Aquino
  • Nine Days: A Salesio Delegate's Notebook
    Written by Marwell Bernal
    Layout by Marco Masangcay
  • Photo & Layout by Marco Masangcay