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Artist piece created for The Drawing's Arm Illustration Agency's launch in April, 2012.
'Stuck Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea'
The Drawing Arm launch artwork
This here is my piece from the April launch of illustration agency The Drawing Arm. Each artist was invited the create an artwork that would then be printed to be crazy huge, something which I took to with late night gusto and finally got stuck into doing a dot based artwork. 

It was a great challenge to give a bit more of my focus to illustration, rather than solely the typography, and in the large scale it totally paid off. From the launch, it's gone to The Drawing Arm's more homestyle (let's say houseparty?) launch in Brookvale, as well as the  The Drawing Arm's stall at the Sydney leg of Semi Permanent. Big thanks as always to The Drawing Arm for making a lot of things happen, such good dudes!
Photo and video thanks to the mega-babe Jules Warnock and BPD (Bryan Dalli Productions).