The Day The Flowers Died

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  • "The Day The Flowers Died" is a series of 16 paintings. Each painting title is one line from a poem I wrote. The paintings emerged from the poem. This series concerns the two lovers at the last day on Earth. This series was created in 2010.

    Music by: Precarious 333

  • That was the day the flowers died.
  • The sky was isolation.
  • And the wind was obsidian.
  • Our lungs filled with insects and ash.
  • Every last breath crashing into asphalt earth.
  • All of the children were devoured.
  • And a hole consumed every heartbeat.
  • The birds were frozen in concrete sky.
  • With feathers falling as snow.
  • Every field sat swollen and contorted.
  • Into crumpled paper, hope had collapsed.
  • And the sky screamed the most lonesome sound of all.
  • ...Our dreams lay still, one wing clutching at air.
  • We were two wounded beasts, one final kiss.
  • You smiled softly, our lips sprouted moth wings.
  • We held hands as we watched the last light on Earth.
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    This video shows my studio and explains my series of works.