The Dawn of Innocent Times - May 2010

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  • The Dawn of Innocent Times
    May 2010
  •     Among Goshen College's courses, History of the Southwest, offers students the opportunity not only to learn about the regional history of the Southwest, United States, over the past thousand years, but also to explore unconventional historical methods and materials such as archaeology, historical site survey, oral history and ethnographic participant/observation on site. The course also provides significance cross-cultural experience with a hands-on, service-learning approach to history.

        In May of 2010, eighteen students traveled to Cortez, Colorado where they  begin with a week of archaeology at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center. The following week students  traveled to the Hopi Reservation in Arizona and live at the Hopi Mission School (Mennonite) while they learn about Hopi history. In the final week students carry out historical site surveys with the Mountain Studies Institute in Silverton, CO. Journal reflections, reading responses, participation and the completion of assignments on site constitute the basis for grade assignment. I had an amazing opportunity to be one of the students in this class. As usual, I took my cameras along and was able to document our trip partially (because we weren't allowed to take picture at the Hopi Reservation).

    Regardless, it was an exceptional experience and with an exceptional professor, Jan Bender Shetler.
    Thank You and Enjoy!!!