The Daily, a daily news magazine for iPad

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  • The Daily, a daily news magazine for iPad
    Exploring Apps & Tech and the newly launched Automotive section
  • The Daily is an incredible, seamless blend of news and technology, and I'm thrilled to be part of the team that gets to make it happen every day.

    Created in 2011, the publication took the world by storm in its inaugural year, winning accolades and praise from consumers and reviewers alike. Readers love how stories come to life with breathtaking interactivity. Animation, photo galleries, video and layout come together in a truly beautiful medium to create immersive, informative experiences for our users.

    The Daily was built from the ground up for iPad, but we've recently expanded to iPhones and Android devices as well. Designing for a mobile medium is a challenge and a delight, and I'm fortunate to be surrounded by a design team that challenges me to solve problems, visual or otherwise.