The Critical Slide Society - T-shirt design Pitch

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    T-shirt illustration | design concept pitch
  • I found TCSS around the web and i really enjoy the brand and everything they have in the store. After a few days looking their products and concepts i decided to contact them to know if the want to collaborate with me as a designer and illustrator. Jim write me back telling me that i can try to pitch some concepts, and this is what i get from them.....

    TCSS is a slippery little creature, wrestled from pencils, paintbrushes and procrastination of a small few in Australia. The key bowmen behind the brand are Jim Mitchell and Sam Coombes. Jim spent several years wielding the sable tooth paintbrush, exhibiting both locally and internationally and contributing heavily to Australian icon brand Mambo. Jim utilises surfing’s rich history to translate into graphics and fabrics. Jim’s love of the ocean & surfing has been a constant inspiration & influence in his work. Sam also spent several years in the Mambo stable and has contributed art and graphics to many a bathroom cubicle as well as being involved in the development of some of the worlds biggest brands. After putting their heads and minds together and a few months of strict saltwater dieting and soulful skeg flexing, TCSS is now living and breathing with stockists in Australia, USA, Japan, UK, Austria, Germany, Taiwan.

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