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    A Tribute to "The Crate" process
 A Tribute to "The Crate" Process
A collaboration between three St. Louis organizations, Rebuild Foundation, Beyond Housing, and Wyman's T.O.P. resulted in this project. The idea (thought of by Regina Martinez of Rebuild Foundation) was for the T.O.P. club participants to paint this crate, creating a 3-dimensional mural by putting there emotions and ideas directly on it. The crate will now have a home at Beyond Housing's 'Solerno House' in Pagedale, Missouri. It will serve as storage for the organization Nurses for Newborns who will now operate out of the 'Solerno House.' The Project was successfully executed, with the help of the Wyman T.O.P. leaders Terry Wilson, Sharon Williams, Rebuild's Regina Martinez, along with guest teaching artists Stan Chisholm and Carlie Trosclair. A neighbor of the 'Solerno House' Patrick Fuller dedicated his artistic eye during this project and photographed the beautiful process, the photos were shown at the end of the film. I would like to thank Regina Martinez for bringing me into such a cool project and challenging myself and my art in a new way.

Music as usual by Michael Franco