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The infinity of fractal mathematics transformed into visual art through a variety of mediums.
Fractal Art: Observing Infinity
Fractal generated art and Mandelbrot manifestations  
Observing Infinity

Below, you will find a number of works that I have recently published. Some of these pieces are for sale in the form of prints, paintings, ps brushes, vectors and other graphics. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing anything.

2D & 3D Renderings

Fractal based programs such as ChaosPro, Aphysis, and others - now have the ability to generate three dimensional model renderings of matter. Your custom handcrafted equation i.e. is transformed into a three dimensional rendering of matter. Graphical manifestations are rendered in the form of gas, liquid, solid, plasma, or light. Your two dimensional and three dimensional art can then be exported into programs like Adobe Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe After Effects, Finalcut Pro, and other graphics based programs. These equations can create amazing images that can be transformed into raster and vector graphics. How amazing is that? Starting playing around with fractals and you will find yourself with new brushes, vector clips, model renderings, three dimensional motion graphics and more.

i.e. model:   x n+1=a * x n * ( 1-x n ) with 0<=x n<=1 and 0<=a<=4

Tutoring & Tutorial

For tutorial videos and/or lessons on generating fractals and the mathematics behind it. Feel free to email me. Though I have no tutorials online at the moment, I am willing to email you a few of the ones I have created - along with the open source tutorials, .PDF books and resources that I have found online.

For tutoring and classes, email me to received a list of scheduled courses or tutoring hours.


Online Resources


Apophysis - "I am not a fan of it's interface - but it has the right tools."

ChaosPro - "The stock fractals help beginners understand the mathematics behind fractal generation"