The Cloakroom

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  • The Cloakroom, Gentleman's Club
    Logo, Illustrator
  • It may come as a shock to some...but APPARENTLY Washington D.C. has some strip clubs..ahem...I mean..."gentleman's clubs". Who knew? tossed up a silicone softball for a Gentleman's Club in D.C. called "The Cloakroom" or just "Cloakroom". The buyers only real description was play with red, black, white, golds and make it seem upscale and not gaudy/flashy. I gave it whirl. 
    I'm not really sure how I felt about the designs...since what can you really do for that type of "club" that isn't flashy, and that wouldn't seem like some rave nightclub.  Being a Playboy employee, I took some inspiration from our online publication "The Smoking Jacket".  
    The initial idea was sketched out by hand, and then translated into Illustrator. 

  • Initial inspiration for the "classy" gentleman's club logo, "The Smoking Jacket" from Playboy.