The Cliff (short film) & Making Of

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  • The Cliff
    "The Cliff" is a 2010 short film by Hiroki Kamada and Tobias Deml. It deals with suicide and was made to show Julia Koch's acting work.

    Starring: Julia Koch, David Franklin (known as Captain Braca in "Farscape")
    Director of Photography: Tobias Deml
    Original Story: Hiroki Kamada, Julia Koch
    Color Correction, Sky Replacement, Post Production: Tobias Deml
    Written, Edited and Directed by Hiroki Kamada
    Music from
  • While color correcting and sky replacement/movement tracking - inside After Effects
  • Top: The "steadicam" I used, a 15$-steadicam taped to a 1-gallon cooling liquid canister.
    Bottom: Our self-built slidecam/camera crane.
  • Before and After Color Correction / Sky Replacement