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    Home Property Insurance by UNIQA
  • Campaign aim:
    UNIQA launched a promotional Home Property Insurance campaign. We had to deliver the message about the benefits of the new insurance product. And we had to do it in a way that makes people notice our offer and remember it.
    Campaign idea:
    Home insurance is best described by those who have it. How do people, who have insured their homes feel? Well, they feel enough at ease and protected as to put a blind on their balconies stating: We are going on a holiday and the key is under the doormat.
    Strategy / execution:
    We asked a direct and provocative approach. We wrote about the benefits of the product literally upon people's homes! We had changed the urban environment and converted buildings and people living in into media. We made the city talk.
  • Teamwork: Lino Sainov, Ivan Gurkov. Copywriter: Petya Kokudeva. Based on an idea by Tedi Tencheva
  • This whole building is covered in vinyl sheets. Text in the speech bubbles says "I insure the apartment, all my family, even the dog!" , " We are going on vacation, key is under the doormat." ,  "Today we are going! While my wife packing our bags i insure the house."
  • Boards on various houses all over the country.
  • The elevators in the Malls where turned into appartments. Everyone is invited to get in, the "householder" is not bothered because he have the right insurance.
  • A "talking" Mall Bench.
  • Talk bubble t-shirt. More good buzz on the street.